The Brief

NGHA recognised that regeneration is not just about housing. They approached GAP to design traffic calming bollards in two streets of Gorbals were the regeneration began. The bollards had two functions to calm traffic and to make the streets look attractive with thoughtful landscaping. As with all our projects we like to have some sense of local relevance to our designs. Pines featured largely in the old Gorbals, not only do we have many pine trees in the Glasgow Green but one of the streets is named Pine Place. The bollards are cast in bronze and very durable, the green patinate changes with age and the bollards fit nicely on the wide streets.


The project was very welcomed by the local community. For a long time they had wanted traffic calming bollards in the streets adjacent to the primary school and who better to create something lovely than the local arts project. All our staff lived locally and their interests were the same as the community in which the bollards were placed.

The end result is fabulous, eye-catching bollards, which are not only functional but look great. Have a look at the difference between a bog standard black bollard and our bespoke pinecones. Which do you prefer?