Govanhill Housing Association and Govanhill Trust wanted community involvement in the development of their new build. They approached GAP and asked us to do a project with the 5 local primary schools to develop designs for eight close gates to be installed in one of their new build developments.


The main challenge here was the volume of participants: 150 young people from 5 primary schools. To over come this we allowed the children to work on individual designs to begin with exploring their own creativity. The next stage was to put the children in groups to work on full- scale models of the gates to create designs. This teaches young people the art of communal work and collaboration deciding how best to fit their designs together.

End product

Only eight gates were required but our artists produced 21 in order to give the management committee of the housing association the final say. This allows for further community involvement and ownership of the project. The eight close gates are very different allowing for a wide range of ideas to be shown. There are girly gates (flowers, leaves) boyish gates (dragons and snakes) musical gates and other interesting designs. For those of you who are musically minded the musical notes on the harp gate are the first line to John Lennon’s memorable song “Imagine”