Bellway Homes approached us to design artwork for their public development and a central feature for their private development in Bowfield, Penilee. The only requirement was that we work with local people to develop designs. After our initial research the most obvious choice was to work with the two local primary schools next to the development.


Not too many challenges were faced with this project. The two local primary schools were extremely helpful and encouraging. All the young people involved were very enthusiastic and delivered lots of great designs.

End Product

The finals products were the 16 bronze plaques, which were taken directly from the children’s drawings. You can see the development process in the gallery. First we have the child’s drawing, then the slightly cleaned up version, which is then transferred to clay by GAP’s artists and then the bronze plaque cast from the clay mould.
Despite having freedom to create whatever she liked for the central piece, Liz decided that it should be developed from some of the chidren’s work to maximise their sense of ownership. When it is installed you will be able to see “Calum’s House” has been slightly altered to make it stable but it still captures that delightful sense of a child’s house. It’s not often a five year old’s drawing is cast in bronze, a great reminder to everyone of the potential within our own children within our own area. Great work children! Keep watching to see the completed piece. In the meantime you can see Calum's drawing in the gallery.