Southside Housing Association

We are also currently working with SSHA to produce a piece of artwork. We are still at the consultation and workshop stage but we will keep you posted on our progress.

Shettleston HA

We have recently completed workshops with a fantastic group of young people at Eastbank Academy who will be designing gates and fencing for a new build project in Shettleston.

The young people have completed their own pieces with mosaic and clay which we put on the website once they’ve had their final touches.

Townhead Public Art Project

This is a major project commissioned by the Glasgow Housing Association. Having worked with many young people in the area and consulted with the Estate Action Group as well as holding consultation open days for the whole community we are about to embark on the designs.

We have already designed panels for the play area, taken from the work with the young primary school children, these will be the first of several artworks to be installed.

Our new home

Gorbals Arts Project has recently moved, and what a move it was.

With only a month’s notice we managed to find new premises, relocate and store many items that we currently don’t have space for. However with new premises and a great deal of much needed sunlight we are up and running with a new found enthusiasm.

We are currently working on a number of projects where we have completed the workshops and consultation and developing the designs, the results will be on the website as soon as they are produced but here’s a little taster of what’s going on.