Gorbals Arts Project is a locally based project committed to working in partnership with local communities to produce artwork in the development of arts-led regeneration.

For the past 20 years we have worked within our local area providing tuition and workshops to local people as well as working in partnership with local groups and statutory agencies to provide artwork that improves the local area giving people a sense of pride and ownership of their own communities.
The GAP Team is commited to bringing art into the community and workspace.

Community Led Regeneration

GAP is very much involved in working in collaboration with local community groups in community led projects. These public commissions differ from our other public commissions as the community makes the decision.
Projects are developed from workshops with groups where the design process is worked through from beginning to end. The final designs are then taken and a piece of public art is produced based on the designs produced by the community.
We have collaborated with a number of local groups and statutory agencies in these projects including, New Gorbals Housing Association, Local Primary Schools, Safer Gorbals, Govanhill Housing Association, South Lanarkshire Council and Greater Glasgow Health Board.